Why Consider Residential Asphalt Paving in Toledo OH?

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

For homeowners who are ready to sell their home, or for those who simply want to improve the overall curb appeal, they should consider updating their driveway. One of the best ways to do this is by contracting professionals for Residential Asphalt Paving in Toledo OH. The fact is, an asphalt driveway is something that will appeal to potential buyers or guests the minute they see it. Some of the other reasons to consider an asphalt driveway installation can be found here.

Affordable Cost

Residential asphalt driveways are more affordable than installing concrete and better able to handle extreme temperature fluctuations. This is due to the fact that asphalt is a petroleum product, making it more flexible. A new asphalt driveway that is installed properly will be as durable as concrete surfaces, but offered at a more affordable rate.

Long Lifespan

If the proper maintenance is provided for an asphalt surface, it will last for 12 to 35 years based on installation methods, usage, and climate. This longevity makes an asphalt driveway a great investment. Much like any other element of a home, the better it is taken care of, the longer it will last.

Easy to Install

When a professional service is used for Residential Asphalt Paving in Toledo OH, the process will be quick and easy. In most cases, the new driveway can be laid in just a few days and be ready to use in just another day or two. Concrete will usually take about twice as long to put down and up to a week to cure prior to being able to be used.

Affordable and Simple Maintenance

Once the new driveway has been installed, it is essential to maintain it properly. The maintenance process is simple and includes sealing cracks right away and applying sealcoating every three to five years.

Asphalt driveways offer a number of benefits, as seen here. However, many homeowners may have additional questions. If this is the case, they can read the full info here. Being informed can help a homeowner make an educated decision regarding whether or not they want to install an asphalt driveway.

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