Why is My Flat Roof Still Leaking After Self-Repair?

by | May 10, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

Roof leaks in commercial flat roofing can lead to interior damage and loss of equipment or merchandise. As much as you’d like to think a leaking area is easy to find and repair, you might make the problem worse. Professional roofers have the experience and equipment it takes to locate and fix any flat roof leak.

Failure to Find the Location of the Leak

Not having the right amount of experience in dealing with problems in flat roofing means that finding the location and cause of the leak is nearly impossible. One area can look damaged, yet the actual leak is coming from a location on the roof that looks perfectly fine. You end upcommercial roofing in Aurora, IL wasting time and materials to end up suffering the results of the continued leak. You need to hire the experts in commercial roofing in Aurora, IL to have a solid, leak-proof roof.

Getting a Core Sample for Analysis

commercial roofing in Aurora, ILA severe leak in flat roofing can be a symptom of the breakdown of the materials. You should work with roofers that are willing to take a core sample and give you an honest assessment on the condition of the materials that are deeper and not visible.

Why It’s Essential to Get Professional Commercial Roofing Help

A flat roofing system is unlike almost any other type of roof. The technology, technique, and materials are far different from traditional roofing found on homes or peaked-roof businesses. Professional commercial roofing services will know how to fix everything from small problems to stripping the old materials and adding a new flat roof. You need the expertise of the specialists in commercial roofing that Aurora, IL business owners use to protect their structural investment.

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