Why James Hardie Siding is a Top Home Exterior Choice

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Construction Company

If you are considering siding for your home, you may be overwhelmed by the many options currently available on the market. There are so many brands, so many styles, colors, and finishes – how is a homeowner supposed to choose?

When it comes to top-quality siding for the home, there are a few brands that truly stand apart from the rest. Whether it’s because of their superior aesthetic appeal or their resilience and strength against the elements, these brands are chosen again and again by discerning designers and their clients. One of these is James Hardie siding – and it has gained fans all over the northeast.

Why James Hardie?

If you were to choose a foremost name in home exterior siding, James Hardie would be a top contender. The brand is an innovator in terms of construction, using a new fiber content blend to create strong, durable panels and planks that are perfect for withstanding the weather. This has made them a popular choice for homeowners in the northeast, where constant weather changes make for harsh conditions for lesser sidings. James Hardie is built to withstand this and more, remaining strikingly beautiful for decades.

What’s more, James Hardie NJ retailers offer many diverse options for the look of their paneling – more than you can get with nearly any other retailer. From wood-look planks to stone-like panels, there are options for everyone.

Where to Get James Hardie

James Hardie siding is available through numerous retailers and providers. Always be sure to check with your provider before committing to a project to ensure that they offer the styles, colors, and finishes you prefer. Thankfully, most contractors and companies that offer this notable brand do so with an extensive catalog to choose from. Simply select your favorite and enjoy the way it makes your home look for decades to come!

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