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Why There Is a Demand for Expert Asphalt Sealcoating Maintenance in Worcester, MA

Worcester, Massachusetts, residents are used to seeing smooth, neat streets, driveways, and parking lots. However, these surfaces are not naturally even and attractive. Local experts like Premier Sealcoating & Line Striping keep them that way. They apply coatings to new surfaces and provide asphalt sealcoating maintenance in Worcester MA. Their services are designed to protect surfaces and keep them safe for users.

Sealcoating Is Found on a Variety of Surfaces

Dozens of surfaces are created using asphalt, a semi-solid petroleum product that is usually mixed with other materials. It is versatile and easily customized for users’ needs. Asphalt can be found in tennis and basketball courts and is one of the most common driveway and parking lot materials. Many playgrounds, running tracks, and bicycle paths are made using asphalt. It is durable and good-looking but can be affected by weather and heavy usage. As a result, protective sealcoating is typically added to new asphalt surfaces. Sealcoating can also improve the appearance of older surfaces which were never treated before.

Even High-Quality Sealcoating Needs Upkeep

Although high-quality surface coatings are designed to hold up under daily heavy use, they do require some upkeep. In fact, professionals who sealcoat original surfaces recommend resealing them every three to five years. That is why municipalities, businesses, and individuals routinely schedule asphalt sealcoating maintenance in Worcester MA. During this process, technicians can seal cracks and patch any damaged asphalt. Once surfaces are in good repair, specialists apply two coats of sealant. Professionals also repaint and re-stripe parking lot lines and tennis or basketball court markings.

Professional Sealcoating Maintenance Offers Important Benefits

Expert sealcoat maintenance ensures that the asphalt underneath is protected from water damage, UV light, and the salt applied to icy surfaces. Coatings also help slow or prevent deterioration from oil and fuels. Regular maintenance keeps surfaces looking clean, appealing, and free of holes and tripping hazards.

The asphalt surfaces commonly found in areas like parking lots and driveways are usually professionally sealcoated to protect them. Experts normally coat new asphalt installations and then provide maintenance about every three to five years. Regular maintenance allows them to repair surfaces and keep them looking good.