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3 Signs You Need to Hire a Foundation Engineer in Houston, TX 3 Signs You Need to Hire a Foundation Engineer in Houston, TX

Homes need regular maintenance to ensure their longevity through the years. One maintenance issue homeowners should focus on is foundation repair.

As your house gets older, it may develop issues with its foundation. Though experts recommend that homeowners invest in proactive foundation repair, tackling small foundation issues as soon as you notice them will save you from major damage over time. Read on for three signs it’s time to hire a foundation engineer.

There are Cracks in the Foundation

Have you noticed any gaps in your home’s foundation? Is there damage to your home’s exterior? These are all signs that you’re experiencing a foundation problem.

Additionally, wall fissures, floor cracks all signal the same issue. If you notice these signs, it’s important to call a foundation engineer in Houston, TX, immediately. This way, they’ll be able to fix these issues as soon as possible, preventing the cracks from growing and causing major damage.

Your Home Looks Like It’s Sinking or Settling

It can be particularly alarming to look at your home one day and realize it appears to be sinking into the ground. This type of issue is indicative of settlement issues.

Settling is a sign of foundation issues and should be addressed immediately.

Your Slab Foundation is Moving Upwards

Foundation upheaval is another sign of foundation problems. The opposite of settling, foundation upheaval will affect your home’s interior like the doorways, halls, and similar areas.

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