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The Process and the Advantages of Slab Jacking a Faulty Foundation

There are many homes that use basement walls as the foundation. There are also many homes that are devoid of basements that use concrete slabs for a foundation. Concrete slabs can be extremely sturdy and supportive for virtually any home. Unfortunately, these types of foundations can be compromised over the years. While different types of repairs can be made to slab foundations, one of the most common repairs is slabjacking.

A Convenient Type of Repair

For foundations that have begun to sag or if parts of the slab foundation have broken off, slabjacking is an excellent way to repair a compromised foundation with little or no disruption to the home itself. In essence, a mixture, typically a grout-type substance, is injected under the faulty slab foundation.

What This Type of Repair Entails

This mixture is pumped into the soil underneath the foundation and effectively levels or floats the foundation to a level and structurally-sound position. This in and of itself is a great way to fix a faulty slab foundation. However, the benefits of this type of foundation repair go beyond just leveling a foundation that has broken off or has begun to sag.

The Benefits of Mudjacking

Because this is a grout solution, it offers support for the soil that has eroded, which is typically what causes a compromised slab foundation. It also offers stability to the foundation itself. Once the grout mixture begins to cure, it offers a great deal of structural support for a once-compromised slab foundation.

If you have a compromised concrete foundation, it’s easy to despair thinking that there is nothing that can be done about it. Since the foundation, especially a slab foundation, is difficult and sometimes impossible to access, a person may not see a way forward. Fortunately, with effective foundation repair like slabjacking, a foundation repair company can fix a foundation regardless of how compromised it happens to be. That’s why, if you are concerned you’re having a foundation problem or you know that you do, and you need to have it attended to, the services found at website are what you need. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.