5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Roofing Contractors in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

by | Sep 9, 2016 | Roofing

Where roofing repair and replacement are concerned, there are certain mistakes to avoid. While a competent roofer will help homeowners in this regard, the homeowner must browse our website and keep some factors in mind when choosing roofing contractors in Palm Beach Gardens FL. The article below will help homeowners avoid the most common mistakes when choosing a local roofer.

Not Choosing a Properly Insured Company

While it can be tempting to choose a handyman from a flyer or a Craigslist ad, this can be costly in many ways. A reliable local roofer will have the level of coverage required by state law, and they will have worker’s compensation coverage to protect the homeowner from liability after a worksite injury.

Not Choosing a Contractor Who Stands Behind Their Work

The customer should choose a roofer that offers a warranty on materials and labor. Clients should be wary of guarantees that do not cover both components. A reliable, honest roofer will stand behind the company’s work, and they won’t cut corners on materials and labor.

Not Finding a Roofer Who Works With Insurers

If a roof has storm or hail damage, there’s a good chance that repairs will be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. Customers should choose a roofer who has established relationships with insurance companies to expedite the claims and repair processes.

Not Finding an Experienced Roofer

Experienced roofing contractors in Palm Beach Gardens FL have worked with multiple styles of roofing, and they are suited to a variety of roofing jobs. There are many options available, and customers should choose an experienced contractor who can handle their commercial or residential roofing needs.

Not Getting a Written Estimate

When a customer interviews potential contractors, they should get estimates in writing so they know what kind of materials and warranty are covered by the quote. By getting written estimates from each roofing company, the customer can make an accurate comparison.

Roof replacement is a significant investment, and it can add more value and life to the home’s infrastructure. The roof’s quality depends on the materials used in construction and on the company the homeowner chooses.

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