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After A Fire Or Flood, Water Removal In Albany Can Get Started

Flooding of a home due to plumbing, floods or a fire can be overwhelming to the owner. Water Removal in Albany should be performed as quickly as possible after this type of problem occurs. Eliminating the water as quickly as possible will limit damage costs and the problem of mold developing within the building. Stopping the water source is the very first thing that needs to be performed in order to remove the water. Water damage can disrupt a home or business very easily. Depending on the type of water that has entered the building will determine what type of clean-up needs to be performed.

There are three different categories that water damage is placed into. Clean water is a category represented by broken water pipes, sink or bath overflows or failure of water lines leading to an appliance. The second category is gray water. Gray water is considered laundry, dishwasher, toilet or a fish tank overflow. The third category is black water. Black water occurs when there’s a break in a sewer line, ground water or a toilet that overflows that contains fecal material. The cleaning and Water Removal in Albany for black water is much different than for clear water. Black water can pose a serious health concern due to bacteria. Black water will need to be removed, but anything the black water touched must be disinfected.

The largest concern with water damage is the secondary damage it can create. Water can absorb into fabric and drywall very easily. Mold can begin to grow in a very short amount of time. Mildew can also be cause for concern. Mold spores are capable of traveling through a building once the HVAC is turned on. The smell of mold and mildew is very distinctive and need to be cleaned and removed from every item within the structure. Duct work should also be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate further spread of mold spores in the building. A professional water removal company can extract the water from the area and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to quickly remove the dampness and disinfect the area quickly. For more information on removing water and mold from a building, please feel free to Click Here.