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Are You Planning On New Window Installation For Your Home?

Having new windows installed is something that many homeowners have to face, although it might only happen once during the time they own the home. Bearing this in mind it is easy to understand why the majority of people do not have any idea of what is involved for new window installation in San Antonio.

There are a number of things that you should discuss with the contractor that you have chosen to do the job. The more questions you pose before, during and after the job is done the better you will understand the process and you will feel better knowing that you and the installer are working off the same page.

Here are a few questions that you should ask:

Time frame: It is important to get an estimate on how long the process will take, this will allow you to plan your time and commitments. Often the time required for new windows installation in San Antonio is based on the number of windows, their size and the number of installers that will be doing the job. An efficient crew can normally install ten regular size windows in an eight hour day, usually the entire job can be completed in one or two days.

Other services: It is important that you understand all the services that are included in the installation project. Usually the crew is responsible for protecting the gardens surrounding your home and cleaning up any debris but it is always a good idea to confirm this.

Warranties: The windows that you have purchased will be covered by a warranty, but is the installation included in the guarantee? The best companies that do new window installation in San Antonio offer an installation warranty which provides you with protection in the event something goes wrong.

Make sure the company you choose has properly trained installers that know their job. New windows installation in San Antonio may look simple, but it is not. Faulty installation can lead to increased energy bills, leaks and water damage.

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