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Signs of a Drainage Issue or Clogged Toilet in Murrieta

Homeowners work hard to keep their toilets clean, but a clog can strike anywhere at any time. Plumbers can find clogs using specialized tools, but the key is to notice a clog before it causes backups and other issues. In this article is a list of the five most common warning signs of a drainage issue such as a clogged toilet in Murrieta.

Backups in Interior Drains

One of the primary signs of a blocked drain is issues with fixtures, which usually appear as a water backup. One may notice a backup in an odd place. For instance, it may appear in the toilet when the shower is used. Backups may be noticed in other appliances, especially when toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines are used.

Drainage Near Cleanouts

Most sewers have a cleanout that gives plumbers quicker access to lines and allows non-sewage materials to overflow. Most of these are hidden from view, but it’s important to check them when there’s a backup.

Overgrown Trees

Aside from flushing foreign objects, tree root intrusion is the most common cause of sewer backups. If the homeowner notices signs of a clog and there are numerous trees in the yard, roots are likely to blame. Visit Website to consult a local plumber for advice.

Trapped Air

Some obstructions can cause the formation of air pockets in the pipes, which may cause bubbling when toilets are flushed and taps are used. A home’s toilet is a direct connection to the sewer line, but most issues related to trapped air are in the lines rather than in the toilet.

Drain Noises

Like a local blockage, a sewer line clog can cause drainage issues that may result in noise as water exits the home. If there’s excessive gurgling from the sink, shower, or toilet, a blocked line may be to blame, and the homeowner should call a plumber as quickly as possible.

It’s never a convenient time to have a clogged toilet in Murrieta or another drainage issue, but a plumber can help. By looking for the signs of trouble listed here, homeowners can work with plumbers to get the problem solved quickly.

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