Basement Finishing – Family Room Do’s and Don’ts

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Do you often dream about somewhere to go when you want to watch a movie or see a Falcons football game without any interruptions? You need a place where you or the entire family can relax and enjoy yourselves, but what if there’s no space for a family entertainment room? The truth is, your perfect room could be right below the living or dining room. Thanks to basement finishing services in Cumming, GA, this dream can easily come true. However, it’s important to know some things to do and to avoid if you want to have the best family room experience, and here is information to help you.


You might want to install suspended ceilings because they cover up everything and give you added insulation. However, this is sometimes a mistake. Most basements have limited headroom, to begin with, and suspended ceilings can make it feel cramped or crowded. Trusted basement finishing services in Cumming can give you several options besides suspended ceilings:

  • Finish with gypsum board – it is often hard to get a smooth and even finish with wall board installed over the floor joists.
  • Tray ceilings – recessed ceilings give you a feeling of open spaces.
  • Painting – some people choose to clean up and finish the floor joists and leave the ceiling open for more space.


If you want your home to look like 1975, it’s fine to install wall paneling. It takes more time and money but installing wall board over concrete walls gives your new family room a modern look. Reputable basement finishing companies in Cumming give you what you want, and they use the right materials for the job.


Carpeting and tile on concrete can lead to moisture problems. To avoid these issues, consider a floating floor installation. This keeps your flooring from drawing moisture.

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