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The Basic Operation of Garage Door Openers in Mukilteo, WA

There are three different kinds of garage door openers that are popular in residential areas. There are screw drive openers, belt drive openers, and chain drive openers. Each one has advantages that are popular. Depending on the concerns you have, you can choose a door opener that is right for your needs.

Screw Drive Openers

Some newer garage door openers in Mukilteo, WA are screw drive openers. Instead of a cable or a belt, they have a direct drive that is connected to the garage door. The drive is then threaded like a screw. When the opener motor engages, it spins the direct drive. That spinning pulls the garage door open along the roller track. When you close the garage door, the motor spins in the opposite direction to let the garage door down. There many benefits to this type of drive. One of the biggest benefits is that these openers are very low maintenance.

You should contact us if this seems like the type of opener you want; they don’t need additional oil or much maintenance.

Belt and Chain

Belt and chain drive garage door openers are more classic types of openers. They have different methods of operation. Some of them coil and uncoil a belt to lift and lower the garage door. Others simply spin a chain or belt around a spindle. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of operation.

Each of them requires some kind of remote opener. The remote opener sends out a signal that is then picked up by your garage door opener. The different types of signal include infrared signals, radio signals, and even wifi signals. A wifi-enabled opener is operational even at long distances. It is also resistant against other types of signal confusion. These are just a few of the options for garage door openers. You should ask a professional about the different opener options. Visit us online for more information.