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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Septic Tank Maintenance

In areas where a municipal sewer system is not accessible, a septic tank system is installed to process any waste that is created. A septic system is rather simple in operation, and while they are designed to offers years of uninterrupted use, the key to keeping them reliable is performing regular Septic Tank Maintenance. Failing to call a professional to complete the needed maintenance will lead to headaches and additional expense in the future as well as the following common issues.

Sewage Backup

When a toilet is flushed or a faucet is turned on, the water should flow through the drain pipe and into the primary holding tank of the septic system. If the tank becomes full, it will likely lead to a backup that will cause raw sewage to enter a home, which is not only disgusting but presents several health threats. A septic service company will pump a tank when it becomes full and use a variety of bacteria supplements to ensure all waste is processed quickly.

Odor Issues

Even though no chemicals are used in a traditional septic system, they still produce little to no odor if they are adequately maintained. When a homeowner begins to smell sewage in and around the site of their tank, it is crucial to contact a professional. They will conduct Septic Tank Maintenance and repair whatever is causing the odor, which will minimize future problems.

Sewage Puddles

As the waste makes it way into the tank, solid particles will be consumed by bacteria while the excess liquid will be drained off through a drainage field that extends several feet from the tank. If the drainage field becomes clogged, it will likely cause the water to puddle on the surface of the ground. A professional will regularly flush the drainage lines so a backup won’t occur.

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