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New Windows in Ellicott City MD as the Best Solution for Old Windows With Interior Condensation Problems

Condensation on the interior side of windows is a common problem with older products. Homeowners may want to try a variety of techniques that may reduce the problem, but having New Windows in Ellicott City MD installed may be advisable if they are too frustrated to keep dealing with the situation. This is a chance to upgrade the appearance of the house while boosting energy efficiency.

Reducing Air Moisture

The house may be too humid during the warm-weather months. Installing a whole-house dehumidifier brings down the moisture level. If the condensation issue only happens in one room, a portable dehumidifier may be all that’s necessary. Whole-house dehumidification has advantages, though, since it protects vulnerable materials from excess moisture in the air.

Running the exhaust fan in the bathroom whenever someone showers or takes a hot bath stops steam from moving throughout the house. The same is true for running the exhaust fan in the kitchen when cooking on the range.

Winter Strategies

In winter, condensation can occur because of the cold air outside against the warm air in the house. Old, inefficient single-pane windows are particularly prone to this issue. Seriously deteriorated frames can even lead to a film of frost buildup on the inside of the pane on very cold days. As the moisture drips down the panes, it further damages the wood. The home’s residents must keep up with wiping the condensation from the glass to prevent this.

Sealing any cracks around the frames can help. Homeowners might be willing to put plastic on the outside or inside of the problem windows before winter arrives; they can remove it come spring. This helps reduce heat bills too and makes the rooms more comfortable because the plastic blocks drafts. Interior plastic is significantly better at reducing condensation than exterior plastic is, but many people aren’t thrilled about having the material on the inside in case visitors notice it.

The Most Effective Solution

Installation of New Windows in Ellicott City MD by a contractor such as Liberty Roofing Window & Siding is the most effective way of dealing with this matter. Replacing all the home’s windows is a relatively expensive project, the advantages are appreciated. Like us on Facebook.