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Commercial Roofing Services in Lawrence, KS Include Asphalt Installations

Asphalt roof materials are historically important as they have been used over the decades and are therefore noted for their reliability and efficient performance. You can obtain an asphalt roof system that is backed by a long-term warranty for your building.

Built-up Roofing

If you have a built-up roof system, specialists in asphalt roofing services in Lawrence, KS can assist you in applying just the right covering for your building. These types of roofing systems are comprised of felt or a layer of fiberglass that is combined with asphalt. This application consists of several layers or plies. A layer of stone aggregate is applied to ensure that the roof is safeguarded from the elements.

According to professionals who offer asphalt roofing services in Lawrence, KS, a built-up roof that features asphalt is one that is both affordable and reliable. The number of repetitive layers greatly reduces the possibility of failure.

Modified Bitumen Roofs

Modified bitumen roofs also are also used when asphalt roofing services are performed. This type of covering is composed of asphalt and various modifiers. The roof can be installed with hot asphalt or cold asphalt types of adhesives. The laps for the roof are joined with torch-applied heat or a hot air welder. Frequently, a modified bitumen roof features a factory-produced acrylic layer or granules for protection. Another layer can be included after the roof is installed.

Businesses often like to install modified bitumen roofs as the modifiers used in the roof safeguard the membrane from UV or thermal damage. If any damage is found, it is normally easy to locate and repair. Waterproofing is another quality attributed to a modified bitumen roof. Because the roof can be applied to the use of a cold or hot application, installation is more flexible.

You can learn more about asphalt-type roofing by clicking on visit website online. If you already have an asphalt roof that needs replacement, the newer materials today will benefit you with respect to protection, energy savings, and durability.