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Common Features of Garage Door Openers in Mukilteo, WA

In the 21st century, most garage doors open because they use automatic garage door openers. The most common way these openers work is with a radio frequency. They’re called active radio frequency identification (RFID) devices. A passive device is the sort of thing that is used to set off the anti-theft devices in retail stores. An active device like a remote sends out a specific radio signal to the garage door motor, which signals the motor to open. However, there are different ways to accomplish this if you want to have the door open under different scenarios.

Consumer Infrared

Consumer infrared is most commonly used in television remote controls. Instead of a radio frequency, the remote will send a burst of infrared radiation that is then picked up by the corresponding device. Consumer infrared is growing in popularity for garage door openers in Mukilteo, WA. Such an option is popular because it does not have as many limitations as a radio frequency ID.

If you visit , you can see many different options for remote openers. A consumer infrared opener has a longer range than a RFID. Also, it can travel through walls or doors. So, if you want to be able to open your garage door from somewhere other than directly in front of the door, you will need an infrared opener.

Passive RFID

The use of passive RFID garage door openers has increased as well. Some people have installed RFID receivers in their driveways so the garage door automatically opens when you arrive in the driveway. It works the same way as the pass that allows you to drive through toll booths without stopping. The RFID receiver emits a pulse, which provides enough power for the RFID tag to send a signal in response. That signal opens the door without you having to touch a button or anything. Such an option is growing popular in some houses.