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How to Deal with Basement Leaks in Baltimore

Waterproofing the basement before there are any leaks is a cost-effective way to guard against Basement Leaks in Baltimore. Being proactive instead of reactive will save home and business a substantial amount of time and money. Not only will expensive foundation and basement repairs and restoration be avoided, the loss of items or inventory can be prevented.


The first step is to arrange a free inspection and assessment of the basement. This also applies to crawl spaces and foundations. If there are no leaks, waterproofing can begin immediately. In fact, most companies will simply waterproof the area in the current condition. That is faster and cheaper, but further damage will occur and cost more money long-term.

Leak Source

Experienced companies, such as Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC, will identify the source of Basement Leaks in Baltimore prior to any waterproofing project. It is essential to have leaks stopped before waterproofing. Left alone, leaks will continue to create structural damage. The water will seep under the building and create different problems.

The water, with nowhere else to go, will begin to interfere with the foundation, the ground close to the house, and may even expand to damage the lawn. Costs to fix or restore these issues are much higher than fixing leaks before waterproofing the basement. Wet basement repairs will have to be made before waterproofing can commence. Drying out the basement and fixing leaks provides the ideal conditions to begin the project.

Crawl Spaces

These spaces will always have excessive moisture even without any leaks present. Encapsulation of crawl spaces will prevent the rotting of the side walls and the support beams directly above the space. It will also eliminate the problems of bacteria and mold growth, as well as infestations of insects, rodents, and wildlife.

Having the crawl space encapsulated is a cost-effective undertaking. Restoring the structure from termite infestation, rodents, or mold will cost a significant amount of money. The damage done can also affect the health and safety of the building occupants. Do not risk those issues, especially when it is so easy and inexpensive to be proactive. Look into a free inspection to determine the current condition of the basement in order to make an informed decision.