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Discover New Swimming Pool Cleaning Tools in Broken Arrow, OK

Cleaning the swimming pool is a task that has to be completed daily to keep the water clear of large debris, allow pumps and filters to operate efficiently, and prolong the life of the pool. Those with no budgetary concerns can hire a professional cleaning service to arrive daily to perform cleaning duties. Most average pool owners do the daily cleaning themselves. They may hire a company to do a deep cleaning once or twice a month, but the daily duties are strictly do-it-yourself (DIY). That does not have to mean spending more time cleaning the pool than enjoying it.

There are a variety of tools for swimming pool cleaning in Broken Arrow, OK that drastically reduce the amount of time spent on daily upkeep. Manual tools, such as pool skimmers, come in many sizes and lengths. A large pool can be cleaned quickly with a big skimmer that has a long handle. Owners can make deep and wide passes to clear up debris in half the time it takes with a small skimmer. Small floating mini pumps can be added to the pool to collect debris as they move through the water. They can be used whether or not the pool is occupied. Empty the baskets as they get filled and release the mini pump back into the pool. Use of these colorful swimming pool cleaning tools in Broken Arrow, OK prolongs the life of the main pump and keeps the pool cleaner longer.

Self-propelling vacuums are another example of swimming pool cleaning in Broken Arrow, OK that save time and money for pool owners. Vacuums are available in many sizes and models and offer flexible features. Some are able to move from the pool floor to the sides independently. Some models have to be placed on the selected surface, switched on to move, and then turned around and lowered before they continue. The vacuum cleans the surfaces well, and the owner just has to direct it to each section until the whole pool is done. Automated cleaning systems can also be added to pools to do cleaning as needed. That requires minimal work from owners. Those interested in finding faster ways to clean the pool can contact Melone’s Pool Service to see the latest tools and learn how they work.