Enjoy a Long Lasting Roof Using Expert Roofing Contractors in Lexington KY

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Roofing

One of the main responsibilities of any homeowner is the maintenance and repair of the building. Sadly, this is neglected much more than people realize and the occasional attempt at fixing things does very little to help. One area where this can be a real problem is the roof. This is partly because the roof is often forgotten about until an issue occurs. Roofing Contractors in Lexington KY can help by performing the occasional roofing inspection and locating any signs of problems. For instance, a roofer can usually determine if the stains on the inside of the roof are old or the result of a new problem.

One area where residential roofs have problems is the asphalt shingles used to cover them. Asphalt makes an excellent choice for most roofs, but the quality of the shingle is more important than many homeowners realize. Budget grade shingles tend to have a short warranty that ranges between ten to twenty-five years. This doesn’t mean that the asphalt covered roof won’t fail, but it does give an idea of how long the shingles should last. Thankfully, many Roofing Contractors in Lexington KY provide alternatives.

Perhaps the best options are still asphalt based. That is, composite and laminated shingles offer a much longer warranty which implies they should last a lot more than two decades. Laminated shingles use an extra layer of asphalt on the back side of the sheet. This makes them more durable and wind resistant. Laminated shingles also provide a unique look because the shingles come with special shapes and patterns that provide this feature.

The composite shingle was originally designed to mimic the look of slate roofing. This means the shingle must be thick and provide unique edges that simulate the shadowed effects of slate. This is done by placing additional layers of shingle over the top, typically two to three. The increase in depth is not only visible, but it also improves the strength of the shingle.

If asphalt is not the solution for the current roofing problem, then stamped steel may fit the bill. This product uses zinc or zinc/aluminum galvanizing to protect the steel and is usually warranted for fifty years or more. In fact, some steel roofing solutions can last a century with only minimal repairs. Plus, steel offers a wide array of styles. Contact the experts at Affordable Exteriors for more details.

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