What Features Can Be Included in Steel Buildings in Spokane WA?

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

There was a time when people thought that Steel Buildings in Spokane WA were only appropriate for use at construction sites or as backyard storage units. Those days are long past and these types of buildings can be used for everything from houses of worship to places of business. In fact, buildings of this type can include just about any feature that is found with any other type of building. Here are some examples to keep in mind


The Steel Buildings in Spokane WA are not structures sporting a front opening and nothing else. Many designs include all sorts of windows. This includes windows that will open if that is what the client wants. In terms of general window options, it is possible to go with standard frames and sashes, roll-out windows, or even something decorative like stained glass. The panes in the windows may be made of fiberglass or some type of tempered glass. Just about any option used with homes and other types of buildings can also be used for a steel building.

Wiring and Finishing the Inside

Electrical wiring is a staple of many steel buildings today, especially those that are used for businesses or houses of worship. The wiring is easy to install once the frame and the outer wall is in place. After the insulated wiring is run and the switches, light fixtures, and outlets are in place, the interior walls can be finished using paneling or any other type of wall covering that the client desires.

Foundation and Flooring

With steel buildings, it is possible to go with a simple concrete foundation. The concrete can be finished so that it has a slightly glossy texture. If desired, it can be tinted and sealed to imitate the look of various kinds of flooring. It is even possible to install carpeting, depending on the intended function of the building.

For anyone who thinks a steel building is right for them, contact the team at Town & Country Builders Inc. After discussing the plans for the client, it will be easy to provide some samples of building designs and see what would serve the customer well.

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