Ensure Proper Effluent Handling With Quality Drainfields Repair In Auburndale FL

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Septic Tanks

Septic systems offer an excellent choice for sewage control even though they are mainly used in rural situations. One reason for this is the leech field or drain field required for percolating the effluent back into the soil. Effluent is the liquid water that separates from the rest of the sewage as the solid matter settles at the bottom of the tank. This is a necessary process because the solid waste at the bottom gets slowly consumed to provide more space inside the tank. Without this anaerobic action to eliminate most of the waste, a septic system would have a very limited lifespan.

The only problem with leech fields is the occasional need for Drainfields Repair In Auburndale FL. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most common one is a full tank that overflows into the leech field and damages the pipe used for releasing the effluent slowly back into the soil. Leech fields are created by digging a series of trenches leading away from the tank. The next step is to split the drain-field outlet so that multiple pipes can be placed. It is best to perform this function close to the tank because the septic system may need a large leech field and a number of drain pipes. Alternately, the leeching pipe can be one long pipe that covers an extended range or arranged in a looping pattern so that the pipe can be placed in a small area and still offer enough holes for the leeching process.

The next step in Drainfields Repair In Auburndale FL is placing a layer of aggregate in the trenches. This is usually pea gravel since it doesn’t block the return of the effluent. Unfortunately, gravel can wash away, work into the surrounding soil or become saturated with waste solid. This usually means that the effluent is not draining back into the soil properly. This should not often occur since the pipe is perforated to allow liquid to escape along the full length of the pipe, but a major overflow of the tank could fill any space inside the pipe before the waste attempts to leak over the edge of the tank. Short drain fields aren’t exempt even if they are easier to repair. The downside to using a smaller leeching field is less chance of the effluent leaving the tank quickly enough.

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