Hiring a Custom Home Builder? 6 Signs of Trouble

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Contractors

What’s your dream home? Are you ready to work with a builder to bring that vision to life? If you are, make sure you’re well aware of common red flags. If you see any of these signs, spare yourself the time and trouble and look for other options.

No Written Contract

It’s important to get everything you agree on in writing. This doesn’t just protect you but the company as well. A trusted company name will always have a contract. If there’s none or it’s poorly written, it’s smarter to reconsider your hiring decision.

Low Price

There’s nothing wrong with low-cost options. But be wary if the proposal price is so much lower than all the others. That could mean compromising on quality, which would cost you much more in the long run. Look for a builder that offers long-term value instead.

No References

If you can’t find any work history, then ask for a list of references. A firm that’s proud of its work and has nothing to hide will have no problem handing over a list of those references to you. Be sure to call those numbers and check.

Vague Estimates

Hire a builder that’s transparent with the estimates and how they’re priced. If that isn’t the case, the builder could be looking for ways to pad the bill even further while using cheap and low-quality materials.

No Credentials

What kind of credentials and experience does the firm have? If you can’t find any, time to check out other builders.

Poor Communication Skills

You want a builder that can communicate with you throughout the duration of the project. If the firm takes days or weeks to get back to you and you haven’t even hired it yet, scratch that one off your list.

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