Signs It’s Time for Commercial Concrete Repair in Atlanta, GA

by | Apr 11, 2021 | Concrete Repair

Concrete paving is used in a wide variety of municipal, commercial, and even residential applications. Commercial property owners often have more to worry about when it comes to keeping their concrete in top condition, though, as failure to do so may leave them liable to suit in the event that any of their customers wind up injured as a result of their negligence. Read on to find out about a few common warning signs that it’s time for Commercial Concrete Repair in Atlanta, GA and do not hesitate to call in a concrete contractor as soon as they appear.

Surface Cracks

Surface cracks can appear in concrete due to excessive pressure or shifting soil. Regardless of their underlying cause, they can pose a safety hazard to pedestrians and drivers if left unchecked and can lead to the need for much more substantial repairs as time goes by. No matter how well-laid a concrete parking lot may be, it will eventually begin to show signs of cracks, so property owners should take a proactive approach toward mitigating damage by performing periodic visual examinations of any concrete surfaces on their properties.

Grade Changes

Concrete surfaces should always be smooth in order to enable safe and easy driving. When changes in grade begin to make them uneven, it can leave them looking messy and unsightly and can place both drivers and pedestrians at risk. Most grade changes are due initially to either faulty installation or geological events and they only get worse over time, so it’s best for property owners to call for Commercial Concrete Repair in Atlanta, GA as soon as they notice any changes in the grade of their concrete surfaces.

Drainage Issues

Adequately installed concrete parking lots should always be equipped with drainage systems that encourage water to drain off the surface of the concrete and away from any buildings. If no provisions are made for drainage when the system is installed it can lead to pooling water, which will eventually cause structural damage to the concrete parking lot itself and to other nearby structures. Pooling water also provides a perfect habitat for unwanted insects such as mosquitoes, so it’s best to for information about what can be done to solve the problem immediately. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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