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How Demolition Contractors in Minnesota Demolish A Home

Demolition companies are hired to demolish houses in several circumstances. A house that has been foreclosed on may have been left in disrepair. Rather than remodel the home, it might be more economical to raze it and re-purpose the land. If a house is so poorly maintained that it is unsafe – a fire hazard, for example – then the local government might require that it be demolished. Another case for demolition is an extreme animal infestation, which is fortunately a rare occurrence. Sometimes the need for land requires that a home in good condition be taken down. Whatever the reason, the demolition process will follow these steps:

First of all, the demolition contractor will get any necessary permits and take responsibility for compliance. Laws vary from city to city regarding many details, like the hours when a demolition can take place and how waste materials are to be disposed of.

Next, the building must be inspected for hazardous materials like asbestos or lead paint. These must be safely removed before work can begin.
The next step before the demolition can begin is to have the utility companies disconnect the water, electricity, gas, and sewer.

The demolition company should work with you to salvage any items you can from the home before it’s demolished. Whether these are personal items or structural items, like doors, windows, fixtures, etc., it is worth the time to remove these items by hand.

The next step is the demolition itself. The company will use a large vehicle like a hydraulic excavator or a bulldozer to tear down the building. This includes removing 100% of the interior and exterior, even including the foundation.

Once the building is down, all the scraps must be removed. Demolition Contractors in Minnesota will provide a container for all the debris and haul it off the site.

Finally, the demolition company will prepare the land for its next use. This can include grading or leveling the land or excavating a new basement.

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