Important Reasons to Choose Aluminum Gutters in Suffolk County Instead of Vinyl

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

A variety of materials are used to manufacture drainage gutters to be installed around the roof. Homeowners can choose stainless steel, galvanized steel or copper, but those materials are relatively expensive. Aluminum Gutters in Suffolk County are a more cost-effective option for people who prefer metal as opposed to vinyl for these home features.

General Advantages

Aluminum Gutters in Suffolk County are the most affordable metal options, although they cost a bit more than vinyl. They are available in seamless models, which is reassuring for homeowners who thought that feature was only offered in vinyl. They also are manufactured in a broader range of colors than vinyl gutters are, and they are more durable.

About Seamless Gutters

Seamless drainage gutters are longer than those with seams so that they do not need as many connecting joints and the associated hardware. This gives the features a more streamlined look that many homeowners appreciate. The gutters still need brackets placed evenly metal to hold the troughs securely in place against the roof.


Aluminum seamless gutters are more durable than the vinyl counterpart. That means they hold up better against heavy rainwater and snow, especially when rainwater is trapped by organic debris that has accumulated in the troughs. Vinyl tends to bend under these conditions. The metal gutters should last significantly longer. Aluminum shares the advantage with vinyl of having anti-corrosive properties, and it will not rust.

Color Choices

Property owners have a larger choice of colors for the aluminum troughs, which is helpful when trying to color-coordinate with the rest of the home’s exterior. Although white is a very popular selection, numerous homeowners want something they can use to complement specific colors on the house. They might want tan gutters for a brown house, for example.

The main reason people choose vinyl drainage features is to save money. If they want something that will last longer and is less likely to sustain damage, they will probably choose aluminum models to be installed by a contractor such as Lindstadt Seamless Gutters. Visit to learn more about this particular company and its services.

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