How To Install Hammers On Hammer Mills in Oregon

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Occasionally, there will come a time when one or more of the hammers on a hammer mill will need to be replaced. While this may seem like a great pain to have to fix, it is actually fairly easy. Here is a how-to on get these changed and get the Hammer Mills in Oregon back up and running.

Lubricate & Turn The Rods

The first thing that needs to be done is to grab an appropriate lubricant. This should be a diesel oil or any other similar oil. The hammer retaining rods will need to be generously lubricated at the point where they meet the rotor plates. Rotate all of the rods with a long pipe wrench a full three or four times before making an attempt to remove any of them. Remove the hammer rods by locating the hole at the end of the hammermill, which is where the rods will be removed.


There is an endplate on the bottom of the hammermill that can be aligned or misaligned to either allow movement or to act a retainer for the rods. It is held in place by bolts. Peer through the bottom hole while someone turns the hammermill until a bolt is seen. Proceed to loosen the bolt and keep doing this until all bolts are loosened. After the bolts have been loosened, the end plate may be able to be turned a few inches to allow alignment of the holes. The slide plate may be hard to move due to debris clogging it from natural use. This is why it is crucial to make sure it is sufficiently lubricated.

Use Your Eyes

Place an eye bolt into the threaded end of the hammer rod that needs replacing. A tool called a come-along should then be affixed to the eye bolt. After this, the hammer rod can be very carefully pulled out of the mill. If there are bends or gouges in the rod, it is probably best to just buy a new rod from a company that sells Hammer Mills in Oregon rather than repairing it. The new or repaired hammer rod is reinserted in the hole, and the bolts tightened to hold it in place. Essentially, everything is done in reverse to re-install it.

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