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Benefits Of Asphalt Driveways In Madison CT

When a homeowner paves their driveway, it will improve the home’s curb appeal. It is also easier on their vehicle than rock and dirt driveways and snow removal is much easier on a paved driveway. When a homeowner has decided to pave their driveway, they need to choose a material. The most common materials are concrete and asphalt. Of the two options, Asphalt Driveways in Madison CT is the better option.

Asphalt Has a Nicer Appearance

When it comes to the appearance of the two options, asphalt looks nicer. Since it is the same color as the road, it will look like an extension of the road. If there are fluids leaking from the homeowner’s vehicle, it will leave very noticeable stains on concrete. Since asphalt is dark, the fluid stains will barely be visible.

Asphalt is Better In Cold Climates

When the weather is very cold and the driveway freezes, concrete can crack and develop frost heaves. This is not an issue with asphalt driveways. Also, the salt that is needed to melt the snow in the driveway can be damaging to concrete. It can create pits and blotches on the driveway. This won’t happen with asphalt. Since the winters in Connecticut are very cold, asphalt is the better choice.

Asphalt is Easier to Maintain

When it comes to maintenance, asphalt is easier. While asphalt should be sealed every few years to keep it looking nicer and to protect it, it still requires less maintenance than concrete driveways. If a concrete driveway cracks, it can be repaired, however, it can be impossible to match the new concrete with the old concrete. If the asphalt driveway cracks, it is much easier to match the new asphalt with the old.

Asphalt is More Cost-Effective

If the homeowner is paving their driveway on a budget, they are better off going with asphalt. The average cost of asphalt is between $2.50 and $4.00 per square foot. The cost of crude oil would determine whether the cost. If the homeowner waits until oil prices are low, they can save a great deal of money. The average cost for a concrete driveway is between $4.00 and $6.00 per square foot.

If a homeowner is paving their driveway, they should go with Asphalt Driveways in Madison CT due to all the benefits it has over concrete. For more information, visit the website.