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Let a Standing Seam Metal Roof in Weatherford TX Eliminate Those Roofing Concerns for Decades

A failing roof can create a lot of headaches, but it can also present some opportunities. For instance, if the roof has aged to the point where it needs to be replaced, the property owner can now opt for a better alternative. For many buildings, the solution is usually a metal roof. This is partly because most metal roofs can last for decades and certain materials such as copper can last much longer. Copper survives because the oxidation process actually coats the metal and provides additional protection. The drawback to copper tends to be the expense of installation. Copper roofs require a delicate touch and a deep understanding of how they should be installed.

For most property owners, both residential and commercial, the perfect solution tends to be steel. However, there are several choices in this field as well. The most common is the Standing Seam Metal Roof in Weatherford TX. This type of roof gets its name from the way each sheet is placed together. That is, every sheet has one side of the standing seam on each edge. This seam is matched with another panel and then sealed. The best choice for the sealant is a heat activated polymer that bonds both edges tightly. In most instances, one of the seams will cover the other or the seam will have a crown.

The alternative is the raised beam roof. This type of steel roofing also uses a tall seam, but the covering seam is wider to provide better protection and a different look. Raised beam roofing looks great on rustic buildings and many of the smaller, single level commercial properties. The Standing Seam Metal Roof in Weatherford TX, on the other hand, tends to suit practically any roofing solution including those with a flat faced front.

If additional durability or strength is required, then it might be useful to consider an option like stone coating. This technique is used to place a thin layer of stone shavings and a tough polymer resin over the top of the metal. The end result is a metal roof that provides more protection during heavy winds and strong storms. A well installed, stone coated roof should be able to handle winds up to 150 miles per hour. Get more information at this website.