Finding The Right Painting Contractor

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Many homeowners have learned from previous experience that painting their home is not the best idea, they have learned the hard way that using a professional San Antonio painting contractor takes all the stress out the job. Finding the right contractor however does take time and careful consideration. There are a few things that you really should take in account to ensure that you hire the right team.

Nothing beats a good recommendation. It’s easy for someone to say they are good, it means a lot more when it comes from someone else, someone who has used the company and was satisfied with the results. Ask around at work or in the neighborhood, there is bound to be a number of people you know that have dealt with painting contractors in the past. If you don’t have any luck visit a paint supply store and ask the clerks behind the counter, they know who is good as they are in all the time buying material.

Even when you get names through recommendations, get at least three estimates. The prices should be reasonably close, if the prices differ dramatically find out what has been left out, what is not going to be done. When you get one [price well below the other two you know that corners are going to be cut somewhere.

You must be very specific about what it is you want done. Don’t consider any San Antonio painting contractor that will not visit your home, they cannot give you the correct price if they never see your home. Walk around with each candidate, show them what has to be painted, discuss any particular aspects of the job that might have an impact on the price they quote. Point out what surfaces you want painted; discuss the paint colors and finishes.

When you meet the contractor you can tell a lot about them just by their behavior. Keep your eyes open, does the contractor appear professional, does he appear to be experienced? If the candidate is busy this can be a good sign, the best San Antonio painting contractor may not be able to get at your job right away, this is usually because he is in demand due to the excellent work they do.

Ask the candidates to give you the names of a few people that you can contact as a reference, call them and ask them their impression of the company; if possible visit the reference to see for yourself the quality of their work.

Take time when you need to hire the best San Antonio painting contractor, they may not be the least expensive but the price is well worth it when you consider quality and longevity.

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