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Louvre Roof: How They Transform Space

Most homeowners in Australia want integrated outdoor living spaces because they either need more room to live comfortably or just want the option of heading outside on a nice day. Of course, it can be tough to figure out how to bring the inside of your home outside.

People with patios or pergolas are already a step ahead; with a simple louvre roof system, you can enjoy the outside area regardless of what the weather is doing or how sunny it is. If you don’t already have a patio or pergola, you can easily install one, which will bring you much joy and provide an excellent return on investment.

A louvre roof can cover a deck, patio, and other areas outside, but the best part is that they use small or wide blades for the roofing. They can be adjusted, either manually or by motor, allowing you to control how much sunlight you receive. Plus, they can be fully closed during inclement weather, allowing you and the family to continue eating or enjoy the outside without fear of getting wet. Many homeowners also choose to pair these roofs with outdoor blinds, ensuring that they have maximum shade and privacy whilst still being able to enjoy their backyard.

At CommandeX, they are a leading wholesale provider of a variety of systems, such as security screens, privacy gates, and much more. While their primary focus is security and safety, their complementary products can help homeowners throughout Australia enjoy their space more fully. They supply their products to more than 200 dealers throughout Australia, which means you’re sure to find someone who can come to your home and assess your needs. If you’re looking for a louvre roof system, they’ve got a variety of colours and configurations available to meet your needs.