Metal vs Wooden Fencing in Domestic Settings

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Deck and Fencing

When you are choosing a fence for your home, you need to consider which fencing material would be most appropriate. Choosing a material depends on your functional concerns as well as your aesthetic concerns. Many different materials have structural and functional advantages as well as aesthetic advantages and disadvantages.

Structural and Functional

Structural and functional fencing concerns include details such as what you want to keep in and what you want to keep out. If your fence is merely to form a way of separating your property from someone else’s and you’re not worried about keeping things out, then any material will do. Cedar fencing is as capable of demarcating a line as a chain link fence. However, you would need to consider some kind of upkeep.

A wooden fence needs to be painted and/or finished so it repels water and burrowing pests. A metal fence needs to be galvanized or coated so it does not rust or corrode while out in the elements. These are considerations you need to make. If you are trying to keep something out, you need a fence tall enough to discourage whatever you’re trying to keep out and sturdy enough to resist being pushed over.

Aesthetic Concerns

It is fairly obvious that wooden fencing is typically more attractive than chainlink fencing. A chainlink fence is structural and functional, but doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal of a wooden fence. Furthermore, a wooden fence can be made so the planks of wood fit together fast. Since the planks will be pushed tight together, such a design blocks all visibility into your backyard. If privacy is a concern, wood is the way to go.

If you want to allow as much light and visibility into your yard as possible, a wooden fence could still work, but a chainlink fence is likely more appropriate.

These are the things you need to consider when choosing a fence for your yard.

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