Removing Black Streaks From Aluminum Gutters In Ann Arbor MI

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Oxidation can cause black streaks to form on the surface of aluminum gutter pieces. This usually occurs after aluminum has been exposed to moisture for long lengths of time. The following steps describe how to remove debris from the inside of each gutter piece and eliminate surface stains. After aluminum gutters in Ann Arbor, MI have been restored, they can be maintained by routinely inspecting them and eliminating debris that has accumulated in each gutter section.


  *    vinyl tarps

  *    ladder

  *    work gloves

  *    hand rake

  *    small shovel

  *    bucket

  *    white vinegar

  *    chlorine bleach

  *    spray bottle

  *    soft-bristled scrub brush

  *    cream of tartar

  *    water

  *    bowl

  *    spoon

  *    garden hose

Protecting Grass And Plants And Eliminating Debris

Vinyl tarps should be spread over grass and plants that are growing next to a gutter system to protect them during each cleaning step. A ladder needs to be set up near one end of a gutter system. After using a hand rake or small shovel to loosen hardened residue from each gutter section, debris should be placed inside of a bucket.

Treating Surface Stains And Unclogging A Downspout

A cleaning solution can be prepared by mixing equal amounts of white vinegar and chlorine bleach and adding the mixture to a spray bottle. Surface stains should be sprayed liberally with a cleaning agent. A soft-bristled scrub brush that is moved across each aluminum surface will loosen hardened residue. A paste that is made by mixing cream of tartar with water can be applied to dull surfaces to increase shine. Before rinsing off gutter pieces, each end of a downspout should be inspected. If any debris is wedged inside either of a downspout’s openings, a long tube brush can be used to dislodge foreign materials.

Maintaining A Gutter System

A strong stream of water should be sprayed on each gutter section and through a downspout’s top opening. An aluminum gutter system should be inspected after inclement weather and leaves, branches, or dirt can be removed from sections by hand or with a shovel or hand rake. If large branches have fallen onto a roof, they should be removed promptly to prevent damage to roofing materials or gutter sections. By viewing information at visit us website or a similar website, people can learn more about aluminum gutters in Ann Arbor, Mi and the proper way to care for them.

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