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Options for a Cabinet Remodel

The kitchen can be one of the most cost-effective places to plan a remodel in your home. With new or refinished cabinets in San Antonio, you can change the entire mood, color, and style of your kitchen. Whether you want traditional, minimalistic or contemporary, we can help you achieve your dream look. Consider these three options for getting your cabinets remodeled.

Refinish Your Old Cabinets
When we refinish your kitchen cabinets, we will strip the wood and repaint or restain the cabinets. This can brighten your kitchen and make it more modern. However, keep in mind that you will still have the same cabinet layout and facade.

Reface Your Old Cabinets
When you reface your old cabinets, you will get all new doors, allowing you to change the style of your cabinets significantly. You may want to choose rigid thermofoil or laminate doors, or for a more elegant look, you may choose real wood veneers that can be stained or painted in an array of colors.

Get New Custom Kitchen Cabinets
If you are prepared for a more extensive remodel that will take longer but provide better results, you may prefer to get all new kitchen cabinets. With this choice, you can change the style and layout of your cabinets, allowing you to personalize the sizes and interiors. This is a great way to increase the quality and elegance of your kitchen.

Your ultimate decision will be determined by how well you like your current cabinet layout, how good of a condition your current cabinets are in and what your budget is like. With remodeled cabinets in San Antonio, you can experience a gorgeous kitchen, great resale value, and modern space. Choose Shaw Company Remodeling today to fulfill your kitchen dream.