Options for Covering Your Basement Floors in the Columbus Area

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Concrete Contractor

If you plan on transforming the basement in your home to a more functional space but don’t want to paint it or install carpet or tile, consider
coating the floor instead. When making your choice for finishing your basement floor in the Columbus area, there are some preparation tasks to

Clean the Floor

Our first step is to grind the surface of the floor which will remove most surface stains and shallow pitting and cracks in concrete. The equipment
used is state of the art and attached to a HEPA filter vacuum system that limits the dust output.

Surface preparation

After grinding we skim the surface with a putty like material that is quite flexible. This makes it significantly more likely to stay put, contributing
to a seamless finish.

Prime the Floor

After the filling material is dry, we apply a primer basecoat that creates ideal adhesion and a great barrier between the floor and the flake. This is
like priming before paint.

*Custom and Multipurpose *

Much like paint, our flake system offers a huge variety of color options. We even have a Buckeye finish we’re sure our Columbus customers will love. No paint or finish from a store will do what our flakes can do! This product is ideal for a basement floor as they are commonly multifunctional. Our floor coating is capable of serving a utility purpose while still offering a beautiful place to entertain guests.

Built to Last

With a 15-year residential warranty, we’re sure our customers in the Columbus area searching for basement flooring options will see the value in our product and service. When compared to epoxy, floor paint, carpet or tile, our polyurea floor coatings are more durable and offer worry-free cleaning.

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