Plumbing in Marion, IA for Your Drains and Sewer Pipes

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

As a homeowner, it is important to have the phone number of a reliable and qualified plumber. After all, you just never know when your pipes will burst, your toilet will block, or your hot water service will suddenly break down. Every plumber will tell you that when your plumbing does finally go out, it never happens at a convenient time.

When to Call the Plumber Out to Help

Most of us go about our daily lives without giving much thought to the pipes that bring water into our home and the sewerage lines that remove our waste. But it is always a good idea to look for potentially small issues that could turn into larger ones. Consider the following signs of a possible plumbing problem:

* Leaks: There is nothing like a leak in a pipe to signal a potential problem. Most leaks start out pretty small but can get bigger very quickly once the water pressure increases. Leaks inside wall cavities are especially tricky to detect because they are hidden. You may smell something moldy, or you may even experience a drop in water pressure as a sign.

* Clogged up: One nightmare that most homeowners don’t ever want to think about is a backed up sewage pipe. Not only do they cost a lot to repair, but they can also be a real health hazard. If the pipes are clogged up enough, the sewage could in fact back up all the way out of the toilet and spill into the home. In a serious case like this, you will need the help of professionals like  The last thing you want is a dangerous health hazard in your home such as raw sewage.

If you need plumbing in Marion, IA, make sure that you find a professional plumbing company with plenty of experience. You never know when you will face a plumbing emergency!

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