The Function of Pellet Mills in Oregon

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Pellet mills are a useful machine utilized in the production of pellets using many different materials, such as wood, grains, and more. Pellets can be used as a fuel source, a food for many different types of animals, even as kindling for a fire. These are also a better option as a fuel source in that they can be produced using any type of wood and biomass materials, including straws, grasses, energy crops, and more.

Making Pellets

Pellet mills in Oregon are just part of the investment, as you must also learn how to use the machine and what materials are best to use for the production of pellets. It may seem quite straightforward, but you must choose the right quality of wood and biomass material to ensure you get the best pellets from every batch, no matter the eventual use for them. The process of this includes proper material preparation, pellet mill operation and maintenance, and more. Even the average homeowner may benefit from a small pellet mill if they click here for more information.

Particle Size

Depending on your needs, you must first decide what materials to use for the production of your pellets. Then you must reduce the size of your material using a hammer mill or similar reduction machine. Only high and consistent quality materials can produce the same quality pellets consistently, and part of that is the size of the material put in the mill. By paying close attention, you should be able to enjoy any type of pellet you need with minimal effort on your part.


Pellet mills utilized to produce a fuel source are quite popular since pellets retain a moisture content below 10 percent, enabling them to burn quite efficiently. This process will also produce virtually no smoke during combustion, making for a more comfortable experience when building a fire. The right moisture content will produce the best quality pellets, and reduce energy consumption as well as downtime.

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