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How to Properly Care for Your Annuals

People love annuals. That’s because these flowers can easily bloom for months and provide a visually stunning background, says The Spruce. These can make for the perfect addition to any commercial property. However, installation, care and maintenance of these annuals can take a lot of time and effort. Here’s how to make sure those blooms won’t wither and die any time soon:

Get professional help

There’s nothing like hiring a landscaping firm to take care of the annual flower installation designs. Pros know the best kind of arrangements to ensure maximum and even creative use of the available space.

Find a reputable company

Don’t just hire the first landscaping service you find. Look for a reputable firm, one that’s known for delivering outstanding results and service. Care and maintenance of a commercial property is already hard enough. A landscaping partner that can take some of those worries off your plate is worth their weight in gold.

Look for the basics

Don’t forget to look for experience, specialization and credentials. Are they the right firm for the job? Do they have the team, resources and tools to get the job done? They should.

Ask about the warranty

Don’t move forward with anything until you take a good, long look at the company’s warranty. Are the terms and conditions reasonable? Does the warranty put you at a distinct disadvantage? Review the document to ensure there aren’t any loopholes. Also, mull over any restrictions and conditions to make sure you aren’t making a mistake that could cost you a lot a few years down the road.

Request for proof

Don’t forget about the insurance. Hire a company that employs insured and bonded contractors. That’s one way to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered before any of the work on the property starts.