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Protect the Value of a Home With Reliable Residential Roof Installers in Nassau County, NY

The purchase of a home is an important step for attaining a secure future. However, all houses will require some maintenance and repair to ensure they retain their value. For instance, the roof of a home needs an occasional inspection to determine if a leak exists and if any damage has resulted from the failure. Consider the case of a small leak around roofing details such as attic vents or flashing. Once water begins to seep through the caulking or sealants, it will eventually make its way to the timber that supports the structure. In most cases, the roof decking will capture the brunt of the water, but modern decking is an engineered material that may not handle the water very well. Once the decking becomes damaged, the only option is contacting residential roof installers in Nassau County NY.

The typical residential roof is a composite structure that begins with the rafters and joists that provide its support. Over this supporting skeleton is the decking. Roof decking is usually OSB (oriented strand board) or plywood. Plywood has been a familiar material for many decades, and it tends to be very durable. OSB is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option, but OSB needs to be completely protected so that moisture does not enter the wood fibers. If the wood becomes saturated, the fibers begin to swell, and this destroys the bonds with the adhesive used to manufacture the material. Accessing the damaged decking usually means ripping away much of the top layers.

The rest of the roof consists of a membrane such as roofing felt and some sort of water-resistant covering, typically asphalt shingles. Residential Roof Installers in Nassau County NY can offer a variety of covering options including impact-resistant asphalt products such as class IV shingles and metals like steel or copper. Alternatives to these materials include clay tiles, fiber-cement tiles, wood shake, and simulated shake.

The choice of material often depends on the architecture of the building. For example, many property owners associations will require shingled roofs so that the building fits into its surroundings. If this restriction applies, it may be a great idea to consider composite shingles. These reliable products are often warranted for the life of the home. Check out website domain for more details about roofing installation, replacement, maintenance, or repairs.