Avoid Catastrophic Roofing Failure With a New Roof Installation in Menasha

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Roofing & Restoration

The best tool to prevent nature from damaging a home or business is the roof. However, there are many things that make the roof effective. For instance, the low-sloped or flat roof must have enough grade to ensure the water drains properly and all buildings need some method of controlling how the water drains away. Roofs come in various types. Flat roofs are common on many larger buildings, but certain homes use them as well. The flat roof is generally a simple construct made from various layers of a membrane like roofing felt coated with asphalt. These are placed over a decking material and covered with an aggregate such as gravel. A New Roof Installation in Menasha for a flat roof requires that all of these materials are removed.

Sloped or pitched roofs are the typical roofing solution on houses. One reason for this is that sloped roofs are easily joined when various angles are required. The resulting valley allows better drainage, but it also needs special attention when replacing the roof. Another concern with the pitched roof is additions such as dormers. The contractor will need to ensure that any details such as these are properly sealed. This also includes the flashing that protects the joints between the roof and any walls used for an additional level. Flashing requires a sealant or caulking to prevent roofing damage, and poor caulking is often the reason for a New Roof Installation in Menasha. Once the sealant fails, the water quickly accesses the structural materials including the decking that supports the roof. Weak decking can result in more stress and even more water seeping under the roof covering.

Now that it is time to replace the roof, it is also time to consider the best material to place on it. There are many choices including asphalt shingles, simulated shake, fiber-cement and metals such as steel and copper. Each has its pros and cons. For example, metals like copper create extremely reliable and beautiful roofs, but they can be a bit pricey. Steel is a great choice, and certain steel products can even be installed over an existing asphalt roof, but steel can be more expensive than roofing solutions such as asphalt. This is why many people prefer shingles. However, the quality of the shingle is important. Budget-grade shingles tend to have a short service life. Visit us website for more information about roof installation or replacement.

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