Screen Doors In Brisbane: Considerations

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Screen Store

When it comes to the security of your home, your door is the first thing intruders are going to try. Because defence starts at the first point of entry, it’s essential that you have screen doors in Brisbane installed on any entry point. Most homeowners only consider the front and back door, but you may also have sliding doors out to a balcony or patio. You should consider having every door screened and utilise security doors that have stainless steel or aluminium mesh. It is much safer and more durable than traditional fabric mesh and keeps out the riffraff while still looking excellent in the home.

Screen doors in Brisbane can also help you maintain your privacy. The mesh is designed in such a way that people passing by can’t easily see inside. If they are standing directly in front of the door, it is likely that they can see inside the home. However, if they just walk by, they can’t see if you’ve got items directly inside. Therefore, you can ensure your safety; people tend to try to break in when they see something that looks valuable. If they can’t see inside, they are less tempted to steal.

CommandeX offers a variety of screen doors in Brisbane. It has two options for security, including SecureView and Xceed, both of which comply with Australian Security Standards. Along with such, the company also offers kid’s fall-safe screens. These screens are designed to meet building code legislation and comply with Australian Security Standards, as well. Along with such, you don’t need a window lock to restrict the opening to just 12.5cm. These screens are most suitable for high-traffic areas and bedrooms. It allows you to open the window fully while the children are playing nearby. You don’t have to worry about the child falling out, making it safer and more secure.

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