Security Mesh Doors: The Benefits

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Screen Store

Most homeowners want to feel safe and secure in their homes, which isn’t easy to do nowadays. You likely hear from local news reports that intruders get into houses all the time to steal things or cause damage. It is a challenge to know what to do, and many neighbourhoods create a neighbourhood watch where everyone takes turns patrolling the streets. That can be helpful, but you need to do something more substantial for your home. Security mesh doors are the perfect solution because they are designed to be stronger than other screening systems and still look good on the front of your home.

Security mesh doors are designed to look like other screen systems, so your neighbours aren’t going to be upset that you have something unsightly on your front door. Along with such, they look like traditional flyscreens, which means you don’t have to advertise that your doors are more durable and harder to penetrate. Would-be thieves are going to try to get inside, but they will fail almost immediately and choose to try something easier. Plus, you can leave the front door wide open to let in the breeze while keeping the screen door locked so that no one can enter without permission.

CommandeX offers two different brands for security mesh doors, both designed with highly-tensioned mesh. They are designed to comply with Australian Security Standards as long as they have the three-point locking system, which comes standard on the SecureView options. SecureView’s version is made of stainless steel and has an intricate mesh design while Xceed uses aluminium panels with a more traditional mesh design. The three-point locking mechanism can be installed on the Xceed brand, and both offer excellent airflow. They’ve also both been through a variety of rigorous tests, which helps you feel safer and more comfortable with them installed on your home.

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