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Septic Tank Pumping in Apopka, FL: How Are Septic Tanks Pumped?

A septic tank is the most important component in a septic sewage system. A septic sewage system is used in houses that are located off the grid and aren’t connected to the municipal sewage lines. Because septic systems require a much bigger drainage pipe, these systems are generally used in sparsely populated cities. For instance, plenty of houses in Apopka, FL use septic sewage systems.

How Does It Work?

Wastewater from the house goes into the septic tank through an inlet pipe. The septic tank is installed under the ground, and is covered tightly to prevent any leakages. The solids tend to fall to the bottom of the tank, and the tank continues to fill up gradually. There’s a separate outlet pipe located on the opposite end through which the water leaves the septic tank and goes into the fields. However, if the tank fills up to a considerable extent, its efficiency will be compromised. For periodic maintenance, you will need to call in the services of a professional sewage cleanup company that offers septic tank pumping in Apopka, FL.


There are two options available; you can either opt for a full septic service, or just choose the septic tank pumping option. Obviously, the latter is a much more affordable option. However, if you think that there’s a leakage or an issue with the septic system, you should opt for a full service. The company will inspect each and every component in the septic tank, such as the grease trap and the transfer station, in order to determine the cause of the problem. The company will then pump out all the wastewater, including the solids, from the tank in order to clean up the sewage tank.