Several Key Benefits of Switching to Energy Efficient Windows in Louisville, KY

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

When most homeowners consider exterior remodeling, the home’s windows are the first things to go. Unfortunately, many of them choose to replace those old windows with the cheapest available models, and this is often a mistake. While it’s true that replacing windows can be expensive, paying the extra money for Energy Efficient Windows in Louisville KY is well worth the investment.

Better Insulation

As the name implies, energy-efficient windows are much better at preventing unwanted thermal transfer. This helps homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing monthly utility bills and eliminating hot and cold spots throughout the home’s rooms.

Less Noise

Energy Efficient Windows in Louisville KY provide a more effective barrier against sound as well as thermal transfer. They allow homeowners and their families to peace in their homes even when they are close to roadways or railroads. That can be particularly beneficial in recently constructed homes, which tend to be built closer to their neighbors’ houses.

Reduced Maintenance

Since energy-efficient windows can minimize heat transfer, they also minimize condensation buildup. They typically also feature UV-resistant coatings, making them better able to withstand mold, water spots, and even dirt build-up on the outside. The result is less maintenance for homeowners and better indoor air quality for all residents.

Lower Cost

The longevity of modern, energy-efficient windows coupled with their ability to reduce heating and cooling bills leads to substantial monetary benefits over time. This helps to offset the higher initial investment of going for energy-efficient windows instead of cheaper replacement windows.

Better for the Planet

Because energy-efficient windows allow homeowners to cut back on air conditioning and heating even during periods of inclement weather, they result in lower energy expenditure. This, in turn, allows the household to use less energy produced by fossil fuels, making it more ecologically friendly as well as more economically friendly.

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