Spill Kit Accessories: Options Available

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Environmental Consultant

While most people tend to focus on the spill kits themselves, you may be making things unnecessarily difficult for yourself if you don’t have the right spill kit accessories on hand. Of course, you need to choose the right kit for the materials you work with and the sizing that you need based on how much of that liquid or product you house. However, the accessories can also make it easier to prevent and deal with spills.

Spill kit accessories come in a variety of forms. You can find absorbent roll dispensers in various sizes to help absorb fuel and oil spills. You can also find drum seals, which is another absorbent barrier for fuel and oil spills. Of course, some products aren’t directly related to cleaning up spills. The anti-spark shovel is essential and doesn’t usually come with the kit. However, it is used to scoop up the absorbent after it has soaked up all the spillage. Plus, you don’t have to worry that the shovel will create a spark and ignite whatever you spilled. You can also find bin hoods that are suitable for the wheelie bins. You have multiple sizes available, and they come in safety yellow, which means they are highly noticeable. Other accessories can include wheelie bins, carrying cases, and more.

EcoSpill has a variety of spill kit accessories to help you make it easier to transport your kits to the necessary location. You’ve got a variety of options available, which can make it hard to choose what you need. You can always talk to a friendly representative of the company to get advice. If that weren’t enough, you can also purchase your spill kits from here, as well as replacement products when you use the contents of the kit. Other options include cleaning solutions, safety cabinets, floor bunding, and showers/eyewashes.

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