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Oil Spill Kit: Why They’re Necessary

Primarily, an oil spill kit is designed to clean up oil-based spills. The goal is to contain the spillage as soon as possible and clean it up to prevent slipping, falls, and other injuries. These kits are necessary for compliance, but they’re also cost-effective and flexible. When you work with fuels and oils, along with corrosives and other dangerous chemicals, you are required to be compliant with all Australian rules. Most of these rules require that you have a way to clean up spills quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing injury, damage, and environmental hazard.

An oil spill kit is also flexible. You can find many sizes available, including wheelie-bins, which allow you to store everything in one large container and wheel it to the location of the spillage. However, you can also find bags that can be hung in visible areas so that everyone knows where the kit is located. Smaller kits are suitable for small-space areas while larger kits are ideal for large facilities. These kits are designed to be cost-effective, as well. They have the highest quality absorbents possible, which means that you can quickly clean up the mess without having to use too much of the products.

EcoSpill offers a variety of sizes for your oil spill kit, but they also have other kits, such as mercury kits, general-purpose, and Hazchem options. The goal is to choose the ones you need based on what liquids and materials you store onsite. The company also includes re-stock packs, which can be purchased after you have used the kit and need to replenish. You can also call on the company to come to your site and restock or check levels of the kits to ensure that you always have plenty of products to clean up any mess, regardless of its size.