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Successful Well Establishment and Management in Fairfield, CT

Water well planning should not be over-complicated. A professional well drilling company in NY or CT makes the planning and drilling process as straightforward as possible, and permits homeowners and landowners to engage. In addition, the comprehensive services of a well-drilling contractor can help customers understand the process and benefits gained by hydro-fracture and other relevant methods.

Well-Drilling Services

Water well drilling in Fairfield County, CT involves a range of services. These encompass source location, drilling, and eventual well abandonment. Wells without sufficient access or width also benefit from well-deepening. Wells with insufficient flow can get better results with hydro-fracture, or hydro-surge, services.

Services outlined include:

Residential Well Drilling – Residential water well drilling in Fairfield County, CT can include well establishment for both existing and new homes, or for irrigation purposes on farms. Well-drilling professionals can also create municipal wells in cities or towns, or for state projects.

Hydrosurge – Hydrosurge, or hydro-fracture, increases a well’s yield by using high levels of pressure to force clean and potable water through ground fissures and unblock contributing veins.

Well Abandonment – Protecting the surrounding aquifer and groundwater from contamination is important. Well abandonment services are central to that purpose, and even required in many cities.

Well Deepening – In situations where a well doesn’t store enough water and the surrounding property or well shallowness doesn’t permit either hydro-surge or a new well, well deepening will increase volume and can even increase yield.

Contact the Experts

Professional water well drilling in Fairfield County, CT will get landowners the most from their water source potential. To learn how professional and knowledgeable well-drilling services can help establish new wells, maximize output, or handle well abandonment, contact Connecticut Wells Inc. at 800-344-7989 or online at Sitename today.