The Process of Asphalt Resurfacing

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

The first step in asphalt resurfacing in Richmond, VA, is to hire a trusted, reliable contractor that specializes in resurfacing.  Once you have a reliable contractor on board the rest of the process will be seamless for you. Resurfacing is a quick easy way to return your asphalt surfaces to like new condition. It is really more of a refurbishing process than it is a resurfacing process. When you hear “resurfacing” it sounds like you are covering up something. It is true that part of the process is relative to covering over the old surface with new asphalt it is a little more involved than simply covering over defects and issues.

The process involves:
*An in depth inspection
*Repairing and preparing cracks and defects for the resurfacing
*It can include a sealant coating

The initial part of the process is a very important part of the process. A professional contractor that specializes in asphalt resurfacing will come to your property and do a detailed inspection of the area that needs to be resurfaced.  This step is important because any anomalies, defects or damage will be noted so that it can all be dealt with. The necessary repairs will have to be made before the resurfacing takes place. If the defects, cracks or anomalies are not addressed the same issues that caused the problems will cause them again after the resurfacing. A professional with the right experience will be able to detect the issues and discuss your options.  Once the inspection is complete the necessary repairs will be made. The area that is going to be resurfaced will be cleared of any debris and cleaned.  Once the area is prepped and ready for the asphalt resurfacing a team will apply the resurfacing. In some cases, the property owner decides to go one step further to protect the area by applying a sealant coat to the surface but that is optional and a decision that the professional can help you make.

It’s a Fast Process
One of the best things about asphalt resurfacing is the that process is relatively quick which means you do not have to plan for a lot of access down time for the surface.   If you are a commercial property owner, you know that restricting access to any area can be difficult at best and can be a real inconvenience so asphalt resurfacing with a relatively short access restriction time frame can be a great solution.

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