The Work of Residential Construction Services in Cincinnati After a Tornado Strikes

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Construct Factory

When a tornado rips through a community, Residential Construction Services in Cincinnati become very busy with reconstruction work. The contractors help people put their lives back together when their homes and business buildings have been seriously damaged. A contractor may be called upon to complete renovation work in addition to general reconstruction. The homeowners may decide that since they need this extensive project done, they might as well have modifications made to the house that they’ve considered for years.

Repairs, Reconstruction and Optional Renovation

Homeowners insurance will only pay for repairs and replacement related to damage caused by the storm. Contractors providing Residential Construction Services in Cincinnati must separate the reconstruction charges from those for optional renovation. The repair work may include roof and siding replacement and wall reconstruction. Optional renovations might include a complete change to the kitchen layout or remodeling of the master bathroom.

Time Frame

If many homeowners have been affected by the storm, the most important reconstruction work might be completed first, with the rest of the projects waiting until other area residents have had their homes restored. The customers may need to be patient since sometimes insurance companies are overwhelmed with claims after these weather incidents. In other instances, a tornado only hits a few buildings and damages a few more on its path nearby. Those homeowners should be able to have all the projects done more quickly in this case.

Moving Forward

Depending on the extent of the destruction, the houses can be beautifully restored by skilled contractors. The place can be made to look almost identical to how it was before disaster struck if that is what the customers prefer. They also have the option to ask for reasonable changes as part of the insurance-covered reconstruction.

Destruction to buildings from severe storms can be heartbreaking. People tend to summon up some inner strength so they can move forward and make decisions about how to proceed. With the assistance of a contractor such as Bryant Hartke Construction, they can begin the necessary rebuilding projects and decide whether any optional ones would be a good choice. Contact us to get started.

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