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Things To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Partitions in South Jersey

One of the most important components of a company’s physical design is its restrooms, both those designated for the public to use and those meant for employee use only. Restrooms need to provide the privacy people desire while standing up to some hard use every day. A business that is redesigning its bathroom facilities must consider a number of factors, not the least of which is the way the individual stalls will be enclosed. Bathroom Partitions in South Jersey from Steel Doors Inc. can give a business owner the necessary options that will help make the facility’s restrooms acceptable to anyone who uses them.

The layout of a public restroom has to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines that have been in place since 2010. At least one stall in a public bathroom must be accessible to anyone who must use a wheelchair or otherwise needs special accommodations. In many cases, the best choice among bathroom partitions for ADA-compliant public facilities is a partition that is hung from a ceiling. These kinds of partitions prevent the difficulties some people have in maneuvering around frames set in floors. Ceiling-mounted partitions provide the accessibility a public restroom facility needs to offer.

Frames, doors, panels and urinal screens are typically available in a large number of finishes and colors. Powder coated steel partitions are known for their durability, which resists stains, scuffs, and general wear very well. High-density plastic polyethylene (HDPE) is an excellent choice for a restroom facility that is unusually humid or is likely to have corrosive materials on the premises. Public restroom facilities that must include shower stalls can benefit from partitions and stalls made of solid phenolic, a material that is known for being resistant to water. Familiar stainless steel toilet partitions are durable and resistant to damage and are easy to care for.

A business that needs to add public restroom facilities or update its current facilities should look for a reputable company to provide Bathroom Partitions in South Jersey. Whether a large public restroom installation is necessary or a simple upgrade of a couple of bathroom partitions is required, a business owner should be able to choose from several different options at a fair price. Contact us for helping in choosing the right bathroom partitions.