Top 4 Benefits of Roof Coating Tucson

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Construct Factory

A roof forms one of the key components of a building structure. Having a roof that will last a lifetime is not possible since everything comes to a point where it wears and tears. However, there’re still other ways that a homeowner can use to extend the lifetime of a roof. One of the best solutions of extending a roof is by use of a Roof Coating Tucson.

A roof coating is essentially a film that protects the roof from the external brunt environmental conditions. Many external factors affect the condition and appearance of the roof such as UV rays, rain, hail, lichen, mold, algae, and moss. While some of these stains look unsightly such as algae and moss, others like chemical particles can inflict significant damage to the roof structure. Modern roof coating materials now have elastic properties that allow them to stretch or contract depending on the weather.

Below are three of the benefits of applying a roof coating.

Longer Roof Life

Roofs can last a longer time when a coating is applied. This is because the coating provides a blanket protection to the roof against harmful substance. Before applying a coating, however, it’s advisable to perform either a roof repair or replacement to prevent leaking or roof sagging. However, it’s always advisable to apply the roof painting when the roof is still new. Don’t wait until the roof gets rusty and defective.

Lower energy consumption

Reflective coatings such as white and aluminum-based coatings help in providing a cooler roof service. On the other hand, ceramic coatings deflect heat and reflect 70 to 80 percent of the solar radiation before it gets absorbed by the roof. The reflective and emissive properties of the roof coating help in keeping the house under constant temperatures, and thus reduce the HVAC load. Consequently, the decreased room temperatures will reduce energy consumption, and increase the comfort experience in a home.

Aesthetic appeal

A Roof Coating Tucson is a thriftier and frugal way of restoring the curb appeal of a home, rather than having a complete roof overhaul. Roof coating containing Knar pigments are ideal for the decorative purposes.

Although a roof coating is not a cure-it-all solution, Ralph Hays Roofing can help in extending the life of the roof. Click here for all the roof coating needs.

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